Oway Frozen Glaze (150 ml)


Firm-hold clear pomade.


Extra strong hold with decisive control and glacial shine. It structures, sculpts and defines long-lasting, extreme looks.

Active ingredients

Biodynamic marrubium – Reinforces the structure of the hair, boosting natural defences against ultra-violet radiation.
Organic black quinoa – Rich in hight-quality vegetable proteins, it nourishes and protects the hair fibre.
Amla – Gives shine to the hair, nourishes and invigorates.
Ethically-produced marula – With restorative, protective and hydrating properties.
UV rays

Apply to hands and work directly into hair until desired look is achieved. For a more reflective finish, apply when hair is wet or damp.

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Oway Frozen Glaze


Oway Frozen Glaze is a strong hold clear pomade with a high shine finish. Perfect for creating sleek, “wet looks” with lasting sheen and definition. Ideal for men’s hair or short hair styles.

Signature Scent: Herbal aroma made with only pure, steam-distilled essential oils in Bologna, Italy.


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