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Source: Simply Organic Beauty, February 2016

Oway-Hair-Colorist-Tatyana-KosoginaOne of our 2016 goals is to create the largest community of Organic Hair Stylists.

To foster a place where pioneering beauty professionals can share their passion, creativity, and support for one another. Organic Hair Stylists are truly one-of-a-kind, and that’s why every month we choose to spotlight one member of our rapidly growing community!

It’s already February, and our newest Organic Way Colorist of the Month is Tatyana Kosogina!

She’s been an inspiration in our Oway Holistic Hair Stylist Forum, displaying her stunning color transformations. Be sure to read her interview below and check out her gorgeous work!

Get to know Tatyana! Oway Hair Colorist

How long have you been an organic hair stylist and why is organic important to you?
I have been an Organic Stylist for a little over 5 years and I believe that clean air, clean water and clean products are key to the well being of stylists and clients.

What back bar products do you find most helpful? And what are your favorite retail items?
Hbalance, Rebuilding and Smoothing shampoos and treatments are the key to your success at the back bar. I also can’t live without Glossy Nectar and Volumizing Root Spray.

What tips do you have for new users or those who are looking into purchasing Organic Way hair color and products?
Oway by far outperforms any line I have ever used in every aspect. Beautiful vibrant colors, simple to use and the cleanest ingredients available on the market today. By investing in Oway you are investing in your future of health and prosperity.

What benefits have you found from using social media and online colorist forums?
Online media and forums are a great way to gain more knowledge and learn from others at no cost!

How do you plan to keep yourself and your salon inspired in 2016?
I can’t wait to join everyone in Florida for Train the Trainer and continue my growth by bringing new knowledge back to the salon and start teaching.