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Passang Tsamchoe



GAYA hair designs

“You don’t have to be a movie star for me to do your hair. When you sit in my chair, you’re my movie star.”

Passang’s lifelong passion for hairstyling began as a young girl growing up in southern India. There, she would spend many days styling and braiding the hair of her nieces in an effort to mimic that of her mother and sisters. In 2013, Passang completed her first course of study at the International Skin and Hair Academy in India. After relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, she completed courses at Cinta Aveda Institute and became a licensed cosmetologist.

Ever-committed to the worlds of hair and fashion, Passang continues to explore and embrace the newest styling techniques and the latest trends while being skilled in achieving classic looks. This commitment assures her clients that they will always be walking out of the salon seeing themselves in a fresh way. With each client, she ensures that the health and integrity of the hair is the main priority when achieving any look. She utilizes the finest natural products whenever possible. She specializes in balayage and loves working with the client to carefully achieve the transformation they are looking for.

Her clients include, women of all ages and backgrounds, men and children. She has special expertise in cutting and styling the hair of clients with an Asian ethnic background.

Passang is dedicated to applying her style skillset in order to build confidence in others. That process begins with understanding each client as an individual. She loves to make people not only look beautiful but feel good about themselves inside and out.

Having passionately pursued her dream of being a hairstylist since she was young, Passang brings that same passion to clients while striving to make their own hair dreams come true.

Color services

Root color touchup &blow dry
$ 95
Color & blow dry
$ 135
Root touchup to hairline & part No blow dry
$ 70
Root color touchup & haircut
$ 180
Color & haircut
$ 220
Creative color
$ 200
Color correction
$ 200
Color gloss/no blow dry
$ 45
Clear conditioning gloss/no blow dry
$ 35
Henna removal
$ 90
Partial highlight
$ 195
Full highlight
$ 225
Partial highlight & haircut
$ 275
Full highlight & haircut
$ 305
Root color touchup & partial highlight
$ 285
Root color touchup & full highlight
$ 305
Face framing balayage
$ 100
Partial balayage
$ 230
Full balayage
$ 280
Partial balayage & haircut
$ 305
Full balayage & haircut
$ 355
Hnectar upcharge
$ 35
Extra thick/long hair Add on
$ 30
Eyebrow color
$ 20
Soap cap
$ 50

Haircut services

Custom Cut
$ 85
Extra thick/ long hair Add on
$ 20
Child’s haircut 1-4
$ 45
Child’s haircut 5-8
$ 55
Preteen haircut 9-13
$ 65
$ 0
Bang/neck trim
$ 20

Texture Services

Smooth ritual keratin treatment
$ 195
Smooth ritual maintenance
$ 100

Scalp & Hair Wellness

Clay herbs & detox w/blow dry
$ 80
Clay herbs & detox w/no blow dry
$ 55
Scalp treatment w/blow dry
$ 80
Scalp treatment w/no blow dry
$ 55
Deep conditioning treatment w/blow dry
$ 70
Deep conditioning treatment w/no blow dry
$ 45
Oway rebuilding treatment w/infrared iron
$ 80
Conditioning Treatment with service
$ 45
Infrared iron
$ 45

Please note, that prices listed are starting prices only and will vary according to individual circumstances, extra length, thickness of hair and complexity of service. Feel free to contact your stylist directly if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you Team Ingenious.