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Tiffani Mah

Tiffani Mah


Nano Brow Specialist/Licensed Esthetician

Beauty is not found in perfection; it’s discovered in the confidence to embrace your uniqueness.

Tiffani, a dedicated professional in the realm of beauty, boasts an impressive track record as an esthetician and permanent makeup artist. She has garnered extensive experience with eight certifications under her belt and a unique specialization in Nano Brows—an uncommon skill in the Bay Area.

With a deep passion for the art of aesthetics, Tiffani’s fascination with all things beauty was ignited at a tender age. However, her personal transformational experience occurred 6 years ago when she first had her eyebrows microbladed. It was a revelation—a beauty enhancement that not only streamlined her morning routine but also filled her with newfound confidence. This moment marked the genesis of her unwavering dedication to helping others feel just as beautiful and self-assured in their own skin.

Tiffani’s repertoire of services extends beyond Nano Brows, encompassing an array of innovative and patented beauty treatments. She is one of the few artists in the Bay Area who performs the patented keratin lash infusion lift, a damage-free treatment that lifts, strengthens, and volumizes your lashes. Additionally, you can add on her brow lamination, brow and lash tint, and teeth whitening service, all designed to elevate her clients’ natural beauty.

Let’s help you discover your inner confidence and celebrate the beauty that lies within you. Your beauty journey begins here, at Beauty Lab by Tiffani.

My Services

Keratin Lash Lift + Tint (1hr)
$ 130
Consultation (30 min)
$ 0
Teeth Whitening(1hr 15min)
$ 150
Keratin Lash Lift (1hr)
$ 100
Signature Nano Brows (3hr 30min)
$ 550
Signature Nano Combo (3hr)
$ 550
Ombre Brows (2hr 30min)
$ 500
Initial Touch-Up Session (1hr 30min)
$ 150
Cover Up Service (3hr)
$ 550
Annual Color Boost (For previous clients only) (2hr)
$ 250
Color Correction (1hr)
$ 150
Tattoo Removal (1hr)
$ 150

Please note, that prices listed are starting prices only and will vary according to individual circumstances, extra length, thickness of hair and complexity of service. Feel free to contact your stylist directly if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you Team Ingenious.