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Adel Mashraqi

Adel Mashraqi


Stylist/ Colorist

“I see each client’s hair as a canvas on which to create a masterpiece. “

Introducing Adel Mashraqi, a master hairstylist and colorist with over two decades of dedicated experience. With a passion for the artistry of hairstyling, Adel has mastered the craft of personalized haircuts to people of all genders, tailored to each individual’s head shape and hair texture. With vast experience in handling all types of hair, including curly hair, Adel is well-equipped to deliver stunning results to clients of diverse hair textures.
Renowned for transforming hair into stunning works of art, Adel specializes in personalized hair color, highlighting, and balayage techniques, all while maintaining the utmost care for clients’ hair health and integrity.
Having honed a unique cutting technique that removes split ends from within the hair, combined with a micro-cutting method, Adel empowers clients with damaged hair to achieve their dream of long, healthy hair. Known for a keen eye for detail and genuine commitment to clients’ needs and lifestyles, Adel ensures every person leaves the chair looking and feeling their best.
With an unwavering dedication to the world of artistic expression, Adel’s hairstyling journey began in 2003 and has evolved into a thriving career centered on making people feel good about themselves.
Whether you’re seeking a classic precision haircut, a bold color transformation, or a complete hair reinvention, Adel is ready to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Color services

Root color touchup &blow dry
$ 95
Color & blow dry
$ 135
Root touchup to hairline & part No blow dry
$ 70
Root color touchup & haircut
$ 180
Color & haircut
$ 220
Creative color
$ 200
Color correction
$ 200
Color gloss/no blow dry
$ 45
Clear conditioning gloss/no blow dry
$ 35
Partial highlight
$ 195
Full highlight
$ 225
Partial balayage & haircut
$ 305
Partial highlight & haircut
$ 275
Full highlight & haircut
$ 305
Root color touchup & partial highlight
$ 285
Root color touchup & full highlight
$ 305
Face framing balayage
$ 100
Partial balayage
$ 230
Full balayage
$ 280
Partial balayage & haircut
$ 305
Full balayage & haircut
$ 355
Hnectar upcharge
$ 35
Extra thick/long hair Add on
$ 30
Eyebrow color
$ 20
Soap cap
$ 50

Haircut services

Custom Cut
$ 85
Extra thick/ long hair Add on
$ 20
Child’s haircut 1-4
$ 45
Child’s haircut 5-8
$ 55
Preteen haircut 9-13
$ 65
$ 0
Bang/neck trim
$ 20
Buzz cut
$ 45
Clipper cut
$ 65

Scalp & Hair Wellness

Clay herbs & detox w/blow dry
$ 80
Clay herbs & detox w/no blow dry
$ 55
Scalp treatment w/blow dry
$ 80
Scalp treatment w/no blow dry
$ 55
Deep conditioning treatment w/blow dry
$ 70
Deep conditioning treatment w/no blow dry
$ 45
Oway rebuilding treatment w/infrared iron
$ 80
Conditioning Treatment with service
$ 45
Infrared iron
$ 45


S4 Tec Smoothing treatment
$ 250
S4 tec no flat iron smoothing treatment
$ 150

Please note, that prices listed are starting prices only and will vary according to individual circumstances, extra length, thickness of hair and complexity of service. Feel free to contact your stylist directly if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you Team Ingenious.