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Tatyana Kosogina



Master Stylist/Colorist, Regional Educator for Simply Organic Beauty, Herbal Hair loss specialist & Owner

Why settle for less when you can have the best of both worlds, organic products from nature and unrivaled service at Ingenious Salon, owned by Tatyana Kosogina.

Known as one of the most dynamic, creative, and health-oriented professionals in her respective industry, Tatyana has been working as a stylist in San Francisco since 1998. She was trained in precision haircutting by well-recognized hairdressers from Vidal Sassoon and Tony & Guy at Architects and Heroes Salon, ones located in the heart of the Big City. Some of Tatyana’s favorite textures include ethnic, curly and Asian hair. Her passion is to improve hair canvas, scalp wellness, drive for perfection and never-ending urge to learn have always set her apart from traditional hairdressing.

Over the last 25 years Tatyana has perfected her technique and professional skills through numerous advanced courses in her field, including master’s diploma In Balayage and Creative hair painting from L’oreal Professionel Soho Academy, Regional educator for Simply organic Beauty, Diploma of successful completion at Scalp Co. as Scalp Micropigmentation artist, and endless online courses dedicated to improving and growing skill set at all her crafts.

Over the last decade all her focus has been set to studying the world of Eco, Organic and Biodynamic ingredients, color and hair products and inks. Being a Regional Educator for Simply Organic Beaty has allowed her to bring the best of the best to Ingenious. Tatyana believes that the more you teach the more you learn! She is proud to be a part of such an amazing team and to be able to share the philosophy and core values of Oway, the most Eco Conscientious company on professional market today. The combination of Green Chemistry and powerful Biodynamic, Organic and Fair-trade ingredients deliver an amazing clean air experience for clients and stylists alike while saving the planet from harmful waste and byproducts. Healthy hair, Scalp and body are the most important components of a healthy living.

In the last 3 years Tatyana’s passion for hair loss treatments led her to add the art of scalp Micropigmentation as one of permanent ways to help clients improve the visual appearance of hair loss. SMP is scalp tattoo technique that mimics hair follicles, adds density, camouflages scaring, helps blend alopecia spots & creates an illusion of more even hairline. This amazing service can benefit females and males alike, giving them the confidence, they have always wanted. Tatyana’s dedication to the art of precision and aesthetic beauty will make you feel well taken care of.

“If there is a way to help a client, I will do my very best to make them feel special, cared for and give them all the tools and options, to look and feel their best!”

Texture Services

S4Tec Smoothing Treatment
$ 300
Relaxer full
$ 170
Relaxer touchup
$ 120
Flat/curling iron finish
$ 35

Color Services

Root color touchup & blow dry
$ 130
Color & blow dry
$ 155
Root touchup to hairline & part No blow dry
$ 75
Root color touchup & haircut
$ 230
Color & haircut
$ 255
Creative color
$ 250
Color correction
$ 350
Color gloss/no blow dry
$ 45
Clear conditioning gloss/ no blow dry
$ 35
Henna removal
$ 110
Partial highlight
$ 205
Full highlight
$ 255
Partial highlight & haircut
$ 305
Full highlight & haircut
$ 345
Soap cap
$ 75
Root color touchup & partial highlight
$ 315
Root color touchup & full highlight
$ 375
Face framing balayage
$ 150
Partial balayage
$ 225
Full balayage
$ 285
Partial balayage & haircut
$ 325
Full balayage & haircut
$ 375
Hnectar upcharge
$ 25
Extra thick/long hair
$ 35
Eyebrow color
$ 30

Special Occasion Styling

Shampoo and blow dry
$ 70
Blow dry with flat/curling iron finish
$ 95
Special occasions style/Up-Do
$ 110
Bridal trial up-do
$ 100
Bridal Up-do
$ 150

Haircut services

Custom Cut
$ 110
Extra thick/ long hair
$ 20
Child’s haircut 1-4
$ 45
Child’s haircut 5-8
$ 55
Preteen haircut 9-13
$ 75
$ 0
Bang/neck trim
$ 20

Scalp & Hair Wellness

Clay herbs & detox w/blow dry
$ 80
Clay herbs & detox w/no blow dry
$ 55
Scalp treatment w/blow dry
$ 110
Scalp treatment w/no blow dry
$ 85
Deep conditioning treatment w/blow dry
$ 95
Deep conditioning treatment w/no blow dry
$ 45
Oway rebuilding treatment w/infrared iron
$ 95
Infrared iron
$ 35

(with any conditioning treatment)

SMP( Scalp Micropigmentation)11

Pricing is based on the individual circumstances and will be discussed during complementary consultation.
Each treatment will consist of 3-5 visits and can range from $800.00 – $4500.00 .
In some instances, more sessions will be required, and the final price will be provided at the time of in person consultation.

Please note, that prices listed are starting prices only and will vary according to individual circumstances, extra length, thickness of hair and complexity of service. Feel free to contact your stylist directly if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you Team Ingenious.